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It began as a simple request for good luck and ended up becoming a symbol for something even more magical: track records and race victories from Alfa Romeo and the drivers who lead them. When Ugo Sivocci won the Targa Florio in 1923, his four–leaf clover crossed the line before he did. Since then, the Quadrifoglio has accompanied Alfa Romeo on its most legendary victories: from the P2 at the World Championship in 1925 to the Formula 1 World Championship with the 'Alfetta' 158 and 159 in 1950 and 1951 respectively. It stands as evidence of the kind of luck you can build when you take performance and engineering as seriously as Alfa Romeo does.


Since 1923, the Quadrifoglio has been the emblem of all Alfa Romeo racing models. Invented by the winner of the Targa Florio, the legendary driver Ugo Sivocci, the four-leaf clover still stands tall today as a trademark of uncompromising performance and the Italian passion for motor racing. All the Brand's sportiest models have borne the Quadrifoglio and the very first Alfa Romeo SUV, is no exception: Stelvio is the very first Quadrifoglio that is also an SUV. Conceived to be the best in its class and excel in terms of power, dynamic performance and handling capabilities, it is created to embody “La Meccanica delle Emozioni” in all its purity.

The advanced technology at the heart of this ultra-high performance SUV sees a 510hp 2.9 V6 Bi-Turbo engine paired, for the first time, with the innovative Q4 all-wheel-drive system.

Alfa Red Solid Exterior Paint

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Giulia Quadrifoglio was the first chapter of a huge comeback and Stelvio Quadrifoglio is destined to continue this heritage. From the iconic front trilobe to the muscular lateral bodywork, the high-performance version of the first Alfa Romeo SUV truly embodies the iconic, Italian approach to car design. Perfectly proportioned, styled to stand out, created to deliver irresistible driving pleasure.


Sit at the wheel of Stelvio Quadrifoglio and you are immediately struck by the refinement of its interiors, a superb attention to detail and the use of exclusive materials like the leather luxuriously framing the 7" TFT display and 8,8" Alfa™ Connect Nav 3D monitor. Upholstered in leather and Alcantara®, its seats lend it further sportiness and elegance, whilst Sparco seats, with a carbon shell ensuring absolute support even during the sportiest driving, are available on request. The interiors are customizable in three different colors and Alcantara®/leather and carbon fiber finishes for the steering wheel are available on request.


The Alfa™ Chassis Domain Control (CDC) is the “brain” that integrates the actions of ESC, Alfa™ DNA with RACE mode, Alfa™ Active Torque Vectoring, Alfa™ Active Suspension, and the Integrated Brake System (IBS). Moreover, the Alfa Romeo Q4™ All-Wheel Drive System guarantees maximum traction in all road conditions, while Torque Vectoring improves traction in the acceleration phase, thereby reducing understeer or oversteer. The patented Alfa™ link suspension system, the lightweight platform, the 50:50 perfect balance between the two axles, and the best in class steering wheel ratio, ensure a superior handling, destined to set a new benchmark in SUV driving pleasure.


Aboard Stelvio Quadrifoglio, the Forward Collision Warning (FCW) with Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), including a pedestrian detection function, Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Stop&Go function and Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) that continuously monitor the presence of obstacles alongside the vehicle, are all advanced devices that ensure a high level of safety in any driving condition.


Stelvio Quadrifoglio is at the top of its category in terms of performance. It mounts a 510hp 2.9-litre 6 cylinder Bi-Turbo, aluminum monobloc engine, coupled with the new Q4 traction system. A power density of 176 hp/l ensures outstanding acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3,8 seconds. Furthermore, thanks to its exclusive cylinder de-activation system (CEM) and weight reduction solutions, such as the carbon fiber driveshaft, it delivers a truly impressive fuel efficiency rating.


The New Giulia Quadrifoglio represents more than the most powerful Alfa Romeo ever created for street use. It represents a convergence of engineering and emotion that can only belong to a brand as fabled as Alfa Romeo.

Here's to a sports badge born 106 years ago that still stands for something totally original today: a passion for motoring unlike any other. Visceral. Energetic. Technological. Crafted.

Alfa Red Exterior Paint

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Since the beginning of civilization, designers have turned to nature and human anatomy for technical and structural inspiration. The world’s most celebrated architectural feats managed to find the right balance between both human and structural necessities. Giulia Quadrifoglio is the ultimate product of this higher design approach.


The design of the New Giulia Quadrifoglio is dramatic but has been created free of any unnecessary drama. It has a strong identity, characterized by essential features: the iconic 'Trilobe' grille, the aggressive hood design and sides enhanced with prominent beltlines. The extensive use of carbon fiber on roof, hood, rear nolder and miniskirts lends the New Giulia Quadrifoglio an outstanding racing spirit. Rear-wheel drive and a perfect 50/50 balance have created a layout featuring a cockpit supported at the rear, a long front hood and a very broad front panel. Nothing is superfluous: everything is unmistakably Alfa Romeo.


The world’s most celebrated architectural feats always strike the right balance between human, environmental and structural necessities. The New Giulia Quadrifoglio is itself an exquisite product of this elevated design philosophy. The driver of the New Giulia Quadrifoglio is always at the center, in a cockpit designed with the same approach as the exterior: minimalistic, with a use of sophisticated materials such as carbon fibre and leather, and technology dedicated to a harmonious human/machine relationship.


The technology behind the New Giulia Quadrifoglio is created to enhance performance and to give great driving sensations. The human/machine relationship is always at the core of all innovation to create a car that is a natural extension of the body, the mind and the heart of the driver.


The heart of the New Giulia Quadrifoglio is a gasoline powered 2.9 V6 bi-turbo engine with 90° opposed cylinders. The engine delivers 510hp and 600 Nm of torque between 2500 and 5000 RPM.
This new engine was developed in close collaboration with Ferrari. Made entirely of aluminum, it is extraordinarily powerful, yet lightweight.